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Now operating out of Back & Body Chiropractic on Saturdays!



Our mission at Elite Spine & Joint is to provide patients with a comfortable atmosphere, and the most effective conservative treatment for spine and joint pain. Let us help get YOU out of pain!
At Elite Spine & Joint we believe that identifying the cause of pain and discomfort is the first step in correcting it. At your initial consultation and exam we aim to identify the source of your pain. Then our primary focus is relieving that pain as quickly as possible so your body can begin the healing and rehabilitative process. The next phase of care will focus on correcting or minimizing the damage, injury, or joint dysfunction to reduce the likelihood of re-injury or flare-ups.

Proper spinal joint mobility is vital for optimal health and athletic performance, which is why it is our goal to maintain your progress with regular maintenance care and spinal check-ups to promote overall health, wellness and performance.
We have in integrated approach to addressing musculoskeletal pain. When patients have suffered an injury or have chronic pain, there are several treatment options available. We focus on determining what the best treatment is for you, while making sure you know what your options are so that you can make an informed decision about your health. We are happy to work with other providers to collaborate care specific to your needs!
Dr. Dylan has partnered with Dr. Allan Dabbs of Back & Body Chiropractic and is now seeing patients in his clinic every other Saturday.